Volunteer with Thrive DC August 30!!

In One Day will continue its shift in gears to supporting existing programs in the community and spend an evening helping one of our partners: Thrive DC!

In 1979, Thrive DC began providing assistance for vulnerable individuals as the Dinner Program for Homeless Women.  Since its founding, Thrive DC has grown to provide comprehensive services to support individuals in acquiring fundamental needs and establish stability in their lives.  Services offered include laundry, case management, meals, computer use, and prescription assistance.

For the dinner event, volunteers will prepare and serve meals for the Dinner Program for Homeless Women as well as distribute emergency supplies.

To help, please arrive at Thrive DC by 4:00pm.   The event will conclude at 6:00pm.  Volunteers must wear closed-toe shoes!!!

For more information on Thrive DC and other ways in which you can volunteer and help, visit their website: www.thrivedc.org


Homelessness in DC

Homelessness is a common feature of  almost any city or urban space. While the populations of homeless people in cities like New York City and DC are quite visible, the circumstances that lead to homelessness are quite diverse and often complex. As the economic landscape in America changes, we are seeing the faces and statistics of homeless and food-insecure or hungry peoples change. Here are some stats, gathered from a number of sites about the populations of Homeless and Hungry people living here in the District.

According to DC Hunger Solutions: 

  • One-fifth of DC residents live in poverty, and more than 57,000 individuals live in extreme poverty, unable to meet even their basic needs, including purchasing food.

Fannie Mae’s, Help the Homeless Program finds that:

  • As of January 27-31, 2011, 11,988 people throughout the Washington, DC region indicated that they were homeless.
  • In 2010, a total of 11,774 people throughout the region were homeless.
  • The Washington, DC region’s homeless population has increased by 2% from 2010.
  • Attributed to the region’s 2% increase is the economy and the depletion of federal funds for homeless prevention and rapid re-housing programs.
  • 38% of all homeless adults in families and 20% of homeless single individuals are employed.
  • Children represent 61% of all people in homeless families and account for 27% of the region’s homeless population.

 The Salvation Army reports the following stats:

  • In the DC area, 1 in 6 residents is at risk or experiencing hunger; that’s over 641,000 residents
  • In the DC area, 1 in 5 kids is at risk or experiencing hunger; that’s over 200,000 children
  • 21% of children under 18 in DC area struggle with hunger
  • Nearly 1 in 2 children under 18 in DC alone is at risk of hunger
  • In DC, 40% of households with senior citizens are at risk of hunger
  • 15.8% of people in DC are food insecure; that’s 93,180 people

Are you interested in getting involved with organizations working with the homeless in DC? Check back  later this week for more information on how to get involved in the DC area and also join us this Saturday, June 9th in Franklin Square for Day of Nurture: Potluck for the Homeless!

(Photo Credit: http://www.guardian.co.uk, 2011)

For additional resources and more background information on Homelessness and Poverty in DC: