Become a Volunteer!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer, with the IN ONE DAY project!

Compassion is a cornerstone of the In One Day project, and we think working with the community can be far more than volunteering but an opportunity to learn, make friends, and have fun.  Come join us!

Please fill out this very brief volunteer application and we will contact you via e-mail within a couple of days.

There are three categories of In One Day volunteers:

Community Advocate (heart): This category is for individuals who wish to play an integral role in the operations of In One Day DC. They are the motor that allows the vision of In One Day to be fully realized. Community Advocates may play the role of:

  • activity staff for art projects and guiding visitors
  • cooks
  • servers
  • publicity staff to wheatpaste flyers and chalk sidewalks all over the city
  • food donation collector from sponsors
And more! This is perfect if you enjoy working behind the scenes, and making things happen.

Community Inspiration (voice): This class of volunteerism is for mentors, teachers, public speakers, and artists who wish to inspire and uplift the community through their words, creations, and knowledge. Bodhisattvas in this group are workshop teachers, seminar leaders, and inspirational speakers participating in Day of Connection. Energy healers, yoga teachers, and other forms of services being offered to the community at Day of Connection also belong in this category. Last but not least, performers of all genres and types desiring to share their gifts during Day of Nurture and/or Day of Connection are Community Inspirations as well.

Community Connector (hands): This group is for individuals who wish to attend In One Day DC events, and help out where needed, but cannot commit to work outside of the actual events. These are individuals who show up the day of the event and provide that final link that makes things happen!


Please fill out this very brief volunteer application!!

I submitted my volunteer application. What next?

When we receive your application, one of us will contact you shortly to introduce ourselves and to get more information, in order to determine the days/hours you will be available to help.

I don’t live in DC, but I still want to help.

There are many ways to support In One Day DC, while living outside of the District.  You may:

  • Make a donation via paypal
  • Share us with your friends and community! Get them involved! Like us on Facebook….Follow us on Twitter @inonedaydc…. Share In One Day with your friends…. Encourage them to donate to In One Day…. This is the most simple and effective form of support you can offer.

Think of something else you’d like to do? Let us know at! We’re excited to hear from you.

Thank you very much! 🙂


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