Day of Nurture: Potlucks for the Homeless and Hungry

The inaugural Day of Nurture was hosted in Franklin Square on June 9, 2012.  Due to the alarming homelessness and hunger rates in DC resulting in a great need for meal services on weekends and end of the months, we have decided to commit ourselves and inspire volunteers to help with either additional sessions of Day of Nurture or existing meal programs of community organizations on a monthly basis.

We are looking for volunteers who are interested in helping with the logistics to continue these Potlucks, if you are interested please email us at and let us know!


July/August Potluck:

The second Day of Nurture: Potluck for the Homeless will take place on Saturday, July 28th! This Potluck will be the last Potluck of the Summer!  We hope to bring back more Potlucks in the fall!


Common Tips for Preparing Food and Suggested Donation Items

While we are thankful for any donations you are able to provide, please keep the following in mind to help prevent us from serving contaminated foods:

  • Please do not donate any leftovers, harmful bacteria can grow quickly in food that has been previously heated
  • Use caution when you bring  food perishable food such as meat, eggs, and milk can spoil quickly if not corrected stored or kept cool. Please be sure to properly store all items you plan to donate.
  • Use special precautions when preparing and cooking food – we strong suggest that you attend our Food Preparation event prior to potluck and prepare you meal there.
  • Please remember to wash all fruits and vegetables before donating.

Suggested Donation Items/Wish List:

  • Bottled Water or natural juice
  • Dried foods like raisins, Granola/Fruit/Energy bars
  • Fresh Whole Foods like Fruits and Vegetables

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