Our Mission

IN ONE DAY’s mission is to facilitate community connection and  empowerment by  connecting community members with service opportunities here in the district. We seek to provide opportunities and events to explore  the question of “how do we experience our days and hours differently if we consciously dedicate them to acts of joy, healing, and connection within our communities?”

There’s only one way to know! Join us as we find out!

Click here to find out how you can get involved or volunteer.

Along with the overarching mission stated above, each individual day is devoted to a specific mission and purpose.

Day of Joy’s purpose is simple: to fill our hearts and bodies with joy and laughter. This event is dedicated to exploring the many unique expressions of laughter that live within us, so we may share them with our community and the world.

Day of Nurture is dedicated to the empowerment and integration of all members of the DC community with a special emphasis on the homeless population. Through the exchange of wholesome food, conversations, and socio-political poetry and performance art, this event is dedicated to nurturing the human spirit.

Day of Connection’s mission is to facilitate community connection and appreciation through workshops and activities devoted to artistic expression, cultural exchange, and educational enrichment.

****We have completed our three summer community events, but are happy to continue offering opportunities to engage with the community on a monthly basis either through Day of Nurture: Potlucks for Homeless or existing programs of community organizations in DC.****


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