Day of Connection and Exchange

Date: July 7th, 11am-4pm

Location: Meridian Hill/ Malcolm X Park

Event description: An event dedicated to facilitating community connection and appreciation through workshops and activities devoted to artistic expression, cultural exchange, and educational enrichment.  This event also serves as a toy, book, and clothing donation drive for local community organizations.

Successfully completed to collect toy, book, and clothing items to distribute to our 5 community organizations -despite the 106 degree heat! 


We are looking for book, clothing, and toy donations, if you are interested in dropping off before the event, please email us at!

Click to see an enlarged map!


Day of Connection and Exchange Community Corners:

Reading Corner featuring:

  • Book Swap with for all who are interested!
  • Storytellers/ Readers to read out loud favorite books
  • All remaining books to be donated to D.C. LEARNs

Clothing Corner featuring:

  • Clothes will be collected and swapped
  • All remaining clothes will be donated to selected organizations, which include Martha’s Outfitter’s among a few other community organizations.

Health and Wellness Corner featuring:

  • Healing through hugs, laughter yoga, other types of yoga and breathing exercises

Play Corner featuring:

 Photography and Art Corner

  • Digital photo gallery  community members are encouraged to tweet or upload pictures from around DC to facebook page or #inonedaydc
  • Special Art activity honoring Japanese Tanabata festival

Music Corner:

  • Drummers/ guitars encouraged to  teach children/ each other and  jam together!

Would you like to become involved in IN ONE DAY’S events? Click here.

Can you think of other ways you would like to contribute your time and resources that aren’t listed above? Please contact us at:


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