The Importance of Showing Others We Care

I was overwhelmed with excitement that Day of Joy was finally here. When we first envisioned this event, I honestly didn’t think we would reach a number of over 400 hugs. But we did and we were surprised along the way, not only by reactions from those passing by, but also by the number of “Thank You’s” that we received. We were delighted and our hearts were warmed when a gentleman decided to take up a sign and spread the love through hugs with us. We designed Day of Joy as a day to consciously commit genuine acts of kindness and spread the joy we’ve found in DC with others, but we were pleasantly surprised that we unintentionally sending messages of care and compassion to the hearts of a few. Showing compassion to others is as easy as a smile. You will never know how a smile to a stranger, may have changed their day!


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Wednesday born and gift of God.

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